6 Smart Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

motivate yourself to work out

       1. Get Up and Get Out.

When you’re feeling run down, tired and unmotivated, it becomes so easy to make excuses as to why you can’t work out today. Remember, 80% of success is showing up. Even if you don’t stay long at the gym, you only complete half the hiking trail or you get a few blocks through the neighborhood on your bike and turn around, GET UP AND GET OUT. Excessive raises endorphins, so in the middle of your workout you would be surprised at how motivated you become.

  1. Don’t Push Too Hard

So, you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by that last work out. Let’s remember, you’re not training for the Olympics, you’re not on the career path to becoming a Charlie’s Angel and there is absolutely no reason your workout needs to be so Fast and Furious. Slow down! And keep a few things in mind: The point of working out is not to have an entirely new life, it’s to work exercise into your CURRENT life.

People make the mistake of burning themselves out so hard on day one, that they never return to the gym again. “I’ll go back when my legs don’t hurt,” or “I worked out so hard yesterday, just need a little break,” are the reasons that gyms laugh all the way to the bank to collect the yearly memberships of people who never bother to show up.

The point is, don’t run before you can walk. Start out easy, realize you have to keep this routine up every day, not just this morning. Plan a work out that you can phase into your life easily, not one that phases you out before you can even see the results.

  1. Bet On Yourself

We all make New Years resolutions at midnight that go out the window by January 2nd. The trouble is, we seem to start out with a lot of motivation and then lose sight of our goals.

The HabBet App is one of the most popular ways to stay committed and focused. When your best friend is too busy to be your motivator, or your trainer is tied up playing drill sergeant to another client, HabBet isn’t going to sugar coat anything for you… You’re cutting down sugar anyway right? This app makes you put your money where your mouth is, literally. You can set a goal and then make a real bet with yourself to keep it.

habbet app bet on habit motivation

Fear is a scientifically proven motivator when it comes to reaching goals and let’s face it, who isn’t afraid of losing money?

HabBet also helps you make pledges on your social networks and no one wants to fail on Facebook, that’s even worse than failing in real life.

Bet on yourself, raise the stakes and see results. It’s that simple.

  1. Take Selfies

We’ve all seen the Weight Watchers Commercials with the “Before and After,” photos. There’s usually a trim man swimming in a GIANT pair of jeans, showing us he’s dropped hundreds of pounds by dieting and his old clothes now look like a deflated hot air balloon. You can be that man in the giant deflated balloon jeans! Ok, maybe not, but you can take before and after pics, so you have the chance to see your results and get a sense of your own evolution.

A huge motivator when keeping up a fitness plan are the results. Take some pictures every few weeks, review them, show yourself how far you’ve come. Remember this isn’t an instant process, it takes time and energy to achieve your goals, but show yourself you’re not just full of hot air and you have the selfie to prove it! Kelly Rippa wasn’t built in a day, getting “Rippa-ed” starts with a single step.

  1. Don’t Take On The Weight Of The World

Scales aren’t everything. You can’t magically drop numbers over night. If your weigh ins aren’t giving you the rewards you want, it’s important to keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat, so working out can often maintain your weight or even for some people increase it.

It’s how you LOOK AND FEEL not what you WEIGH.

The best way to track your progress if you’re not seeing it on the scale, but you’re working hard, is to measure in inches not pounds. So break out that tape measure and set your goals from there.

  1. The Buddy System

Sometimes it’s hard to do things on your own, which is why having a work out buddy can be an excellent motivator. This way you can mix up your work outs with fun activities you can do together. Play tennis, go swimming, take a dance class.

There are so many ways to get exercise into your life and not all of them need to involve running on a revolving machine track. Remember, that the key here is to bring something positive to your lifestyle. You want to look great, feel great and have fun while doing it.

HabBet app is an efficient solution to build healthy habits and break the bad ones. It provides strong motivation and makes the process of achieving goals much more easier.
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